What is Newsodrome?

Newsodrome shows you the most interesting news in your areas of interest. News that matter to you. And it will do that in your familiar, uncluttered newspaper format.

Interested in Cars? Fashion ? Gaming in general or specifically in Wii? is your favorite sport Baseball or is it Yoga? want the latest in Python development or the latest buzz about Knitting ? you can get it all here at Newsodrome, up-to-date and from the best online sources.

Check out our blog to learn more about why we started Newsodrome and how Newsodrome works We hope you enjoy it here!


Newsodrome was born from our love to the blogosphere and our understanding that not enough people are exposed to the content available online, especially for niche topics. Newsodrome attempts to find all the best blogs available for many topics of interest, and continuously identify the most interesting daily content for each topic. The articles appear as partial excerpts and provide full links both to the original blog and the original article. It is our intention to expose blogs to a wider circulation while connecting non-technical individuals to qualified content in their areas of interest. You can use our blog submission form to add your blog to Newsodrome. If, for any reason, you would like to remove your blog from Newsodrome, just send us an email .

Who We Are

Newsodrome is the brainchild of Itai Lahan and Tal Lev-Ami. Newsoholics.

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Newsodrome is a work in progress. We really welcome your comments and suggestions!
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